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BitDefender AIO Pack Final x86/x64 (ENG/RUS/2011)
BitDefender AIO Pack Final x86/x64 (ENG/RUS/2011) In this release are assembling the official builds of all the latest product safety BitDefender 2011 - Internet Security, Total Security and Antivirus Pro. There are versions for x86, and x64 architectures, with English and Russian language packages. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 - Complete protection against Internet threats: anti-virus and anti-spyware, firewall, protection of personal data and parental controls. BitDefender Internet Security makes use of the Internet in a safe, without slowing down your computer. Program blocks viruses, hackers and spam, providing parental control and network security firewall. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 protects against viruses and other malicious programs with leading antivirus technology scans all web traffic, email and instant messaging traffic in real time, blocks spyware that track your Internet activities. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 provides excellent detection of new threats, two different proactive technologies. BitDefender Total Security 2011 - Comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and other electronic threats, which can lead to identity theft, data loss and reduce system performance. BitDefender Total Security ranks first among its competitors thanks to effective protection from spam and viruses, secure firewall and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package. Taking into account the intuitive interface for novice users and a minimum load on system resources, BitDefender can be considered one of the best products in security at the moment. There are three modes: basic, standard and enhanced. As the complexity of the functions in them increases. In each mode (at any time it can change) is tuned in "home" window, in which some features are deleted as unnecessary in the background, while others are activated. Antivirus and fairvol as standard security tools provide protection against most threats, but multifunctional systems capable of more. The main purpose of Bitdefender Total Security 2011 - to guarantee the security of personal data to detect system vulnerabilities and maintain control over children. In Advanced mode interface clearly lists a number of tools available. Certain categories of reserved antivirus, antispam and fairvol. Setting up their parameters is carried out through the slide buttons and tabs. The effectiveness of antivirus system for detection and neutralization of threats can not be compared, and the configuration fairvol requires no special effort with intuitive interface. In addition, the utility is a function of parental control over Internet access and applications, as well as control over personal safety in the global network. Besides the basic functions, the monitor application monitors the system's vulnerability, namely, the presence of updates Microsoft Windows, performance of vital programs and Passwords Windows. If necessary add-missing or outdated, the utility notifies the user and wish to download and install them. Under the backup set schedule backup data to local disk or server space 2 GB. File Safe encrypts sensitive information and instant messaging. Above all, there are optimization tools like disk defragmenter, a master of clean and restore the registry, and disk cleanup. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 - Professional anti-virus program with features designed for extra security on your computer. The program provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing scams and identity theft, without slowing down your computer. The new version of antivirus BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 expanded the quick scan, access to training videos, the output of intelligent tooltips, creating shortcuts on the toolbar, warning about the potential dangers of pages displayed in search results. DOWNLOAD:
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Microsoft Windows 7 Alienware 2010 x86|x64
Compilation Date: 09.06.2010
Version: Based on Windows 7 Ultimate (x86 and x64)
Category : Operating System
CD-Key : Needed
Size: (32-bit : 2.91GB) and (64-bit : 3.65GB)
Number of Rar parts: N/A
No of DVD's: 1
Image Format: ISO Image File
Installation Time : 10 Mins
Author: Benjamin (Rockers Team)

* New Windows Sounds
* Added Alienware gamepad drivers
* Added Alienware Bluetooth drivers
* 7-zip for extraction purpose.
* Adobe Flash Player plugin
* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX
* Registry boosted up
* More Stable and Reliable
* UAC Disabled
* New Look for Windows Media Player
* New Shortcut Arrows
* New set of icons
* New Alienware theme 1 and Alienware theme 2
* Added Registry control in Control panel
* Added My computer in Control panel
* Added user directory in Control panel
* Added Libraries in Control panel
* Added Windows switcher in Control panel
* Enabled Show Desktop in explorer context menu
* Added Network in Control panel
* Added Internet explorer in Control panel
* Added Group policy in Control panel
* Added Recycle Bin in Control panel
* Added User Account 2 in Control panel
* Enabled Font smoothing
* Enabled all desktop icons
* Enabled startpanel off
* Enabled show windows live
* Enabled Bluetooth taskbar icon
* Increased Menu display speed
* Screensaver time setout in 1 Min and default screensaver as Photscreensaver
* Enabled Lowlevel Hooks timeout
* Enabled hidden wallpapers and themes
* Enabled Welcome center
* Enabled Auto Endtask
* Enabled Administrative tools on start Menu
* Enabled Run on start menu
* Taskbar set to the mode - combine when taskbar is full
* Power button action is set to shutdown
* Enabled Display on My computer
* Enabled Programes and Features on My computer
* Enabled Administrative Tools on My computer
* Enabled Backup and Restore on My computer
* Enabled Device Manager on My computer
* Enabled Windows Firewall on My computer
* Enabled Mobility Center on My computer
* Enabled Windows Update on My computer
* Enabled Search on My computer
* Enabled Regional Language on My computer
* Enabled NetWork and Sharing Center on My computer
* Enabled Run on My computer
* Enabled Folder Options on My computer
* Enabled Copy to, Move to, Grant Admin permission, Open with notepad, Open in New window, Disk cleanup, Defragment Analysis, Defragment this drive,
* Enabled Register and unregister DLL
* Added Device Manager, Cascading Menu shorcuts, God mode, Group policy, MS-config, services, Registry editor in my computer context menu
* Shows Hidden files, Folders and operating system files
* Shows hidden drives with no media
* Shows file extensions
* Disabled Windows defender
* Disabled low disk space warning
* Enabled powerdown after shutdown
* Command window text color set to Red
* Enabled Autorestart in the even of BSOD
* Shows search on start menu
* Disabled beep sound
* Enabled maximum speed for mouse pointer
* Enabled UXtheme patch
* Minimized number of recent items to display in jump list to 10
* Enabled Avalon effects
* Enabled Windows dreamscenes
* Enabled slow motion windows effects
* Enabled thick window frame
* Enabled IE phishing filter
* Disabled background sound in IE
* Default search page as Google
* Enabled save session history of IE
* Enabled use of cleartype
* Enabled maximum number of downloads to 20
* Disabled welcome page
* Java runtime environment update 20
* DirectX updated upto February 2010
* Mozilla Firefox
* VLC Media player
* CCleaner
* Added Easy shorcuts for desktop context menu
* FIX: Misrepresent a system action or behavior without user knowledge
* FIX: Remote Attacker Denial of Service
* Resolved Issues caused by daylight saving time
* Support Secure Digital (SD) cards larger than 32 GB
* Resolved issues with non-compatible applications
* Added Graphics card tweaker for both ATI and Nvidia
* RT Registry tweaker Features:
(Unlock taskbar, use small icons, Disable Aero peek, Disable Aero snap, Disable Minimize animations, Disable taskbar animations, Add all kind of shortcuts to my computer, Disable Hibernation, Diskable Windows updates, Disable Windows firewall and other many useful tweaks from RT Registry tweaker)

Download free here:
Microsoft Office 2010 No Key Needed (x64 / x86 - 2010) | 700 MB
Microsoft Office 2010 is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows and the successor to Microsoft Office 2007. Office 2010 includes extended file format support user interface updates and a refined user experience. With the introduction of Office 2010, a 64-bit version of Office is available, although not for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Office 2010 does not support Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
On April 15, 2010, Office 2010 was released to manufacturing, with those Volume Licensing customers who have Software Assurance being able to download the software from April 27, 2010. The suite became available for retail as well as online purchase on June 15, 2010



Note to downloaders: WARNING -- Like all the other Pro Plus versions, this one too, is NOT activated!!

This another one of those MAK-based activations. Since those keys have been used THOUSANDS of times, MS has blacklisted them. Internet activation DOES NOT WORK! Phone activation also DOES NOT WORK! This will install, but it will expire in 30 days.

When you expand the ISO, look for a folder named something like Office Toolkit. If it's there, you can use that to activate it. If not, you will have to track down a copy of either the Office Activator or the Office 2010 Toolkit. Use the forum search feature to located the most current versions of these.
New Themes For Windows 7
New Themes For Windows 7
OS : Windows 7 | Year : 2011 | 174 MB

Neon Lights
Electric Green
Dark Sensation
White glass
Aero Climax
Simple Aero
Ninja Gaiden ????
Dark ferrari
Nod v7 Orange
Spider-Man 3
Tron Legacy
Aero pure

If you do not set the default theme for Windows 7

then this should do the following

1. Copy the contents of the folder with the subject in (usually) C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes.
2. Through the control panel and a popup menu, select "Personalize" and run the theme.
Usually this kind hvataet.Izmenyaetsya "Start" menu, buttons: minimize, maximize, close, color windows and menus. But if you need full compliance, as in the screenshot (change icons of the conductor, etc.) you have to replace one or more system files. This can be done by hand. The required file is located at .. \ Shell (shellstyle.dll) they must be copied to the replacement of C: \ Windows \ System32 \
To replace the system files in Windows 7, Vista must have Administrator rights.

Warez Download Links:
Warez Download Links:
link interchangeable
Eset Auto Keys Finder
Eset Auto Keys Finder , finds Keys From inter net and also Put it in eset smart security or antivirus or nod32 then u can update it It is Also Known As T.Nod . Checked by smart security this version is 101% Clean u can also try.

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Windows XP USB Edition
Windows XP USB Edition - Boot Windows From USB Stick
Ever want to boot up into Windows XP via a USB flash drive? Well, now you can. This is a miniature version of Windows XP. So you can restore from USB

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Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.16 Industrial Portable
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.16 Industrial Portable | 12.2 Mb

Morpheus Photo Animation Suite is the all-in-one animation suite that contains Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper, Morpheus Photo Mixer, as well as all 15 sample morphs, warps, and mixes.The all-in-one animation suite includes Morpheus Photo Morpher v3.16, Morpheus Photo Warper v3.16, Morpheus Photo Mixer v3.16, as well as all 15 sample morphs, warps, and mixes. If you like animation, you'll love Morpheus Photo Animation Suite!
Here are some key features of "Morpheus Photo Animation Suite":

· Easy to use wizard to help you get started creating morphs, warps, and mixes right away
· Creating an unlimited number of animations
· Morphing an infinite number of pictures from one to another
· Sharing animations with friends and family seamlessly with the built-in email feature
· Rendering morphs in a variety of popular formats including Flash SWF and Animated GIF we well as exporting frames in still formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more

Warez Download Links:
Warez Download Links:
DFX Audio Enhancer v9.304 Plus Incl keygen CORE
Better Sound - Powerful Expirience. The DFX Audio Enhancer is a plug-in that allows the audio sound of your video is more crisp, alive and have a greater effect. DFX or lets you apply different audio effects in order to improve your experience as a listener.

Features and Functionalities:

* Advanced audio enhancement effects DSP
* Speakers and Headphones Optimization
* Finely tuned, Customizable Music Presets
* Spectrum analyzer dynamic sound
* Powerful audio processing modes
* Design, shapely Skins
* Space Saving Mini-mode Interface Presets
* Backup and Restore
* Preset Song Associations
* 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound Support
* 64-bit Windows Support
* 3D Surround Sound - Immerse yourself inside the music
* Ambient Stereo - renew lost stereo depth High Fidelity Restoration
* Dynamic Gain Boosting - pump up the volume
* Headphones Optimization - hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
* Customizable Music Presets - Select finely-tuned settings for many styles of music
* Rise HyperBass - produce deep, rich bass sounds
* High Fidelity Restoration - eliminate that "muffled" sound
* Spectrum Analyzer - "See" DFX enhance your sound
* Music and Speech Modes - Get optimized sound for any audio
* Customizable Skins - Choose from hundreds of skins

Compatible with: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Win7 (32/64-bit)

8 Plugins (without AskToolbar) + keymaker

* Windows Media Player (32-bit).....9.304
* Windows Media Player (64-bit).....9.304
* Winamp.........................................9.3 04
* RealPlayer.....................................9.3 04
* J. River Media Center....................9.304
* Musicmatch Jukebox......................9.304
* Media Monkey...............................9.304
* foobar2000...................................9.304
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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 full
AdobePremiere Pro CS5.5 software lets you edit faster with true nativeformat support. Get breakthrough performance on workstations and laptopsstreamline collaboration and boost productivity with an efficient,robust, cross-platform editing workflow. Tell your story with maximumimpact using Adobe Premiere Pro software. the start-to-finishsolution for efficient video production that now includes AdobeOnLocation and Adobe Encore. Save time from on-set capture using AdobeOnLocation through to output, expand your creative options viaintegration with Adobe After Effects Professional and the AdobePhotoshop program, and deliver your orignal content to Blu-ray Disc,DVD, the web and mobile devices. Features: Experience industry-leading performance Work in real time Streamline production with a native file-based workflow Take advantage of broad format support Enjoy the convenience of Adobe integration Achieve creative excellence Collaborate through third-party workflow integration Get better output faster with Adobe Media Encoder and more . It means you can download any part of archive from any server and can extract it without problem! If links are dead and you want new links, PM please! l-! I-I lJ l-! C- Download and enjoy now! l-! I-I lJ l-! C-

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Autodesk Inventor PRO 2012 64-x, english (+ Inventor Fusion) 2011
Autodesk Inventor PRO 2012 [ 64-x, english (+ Inventor Fusion) 2011] | 3.5GB The new version of the popular CAD package. Highlights of the most notable: Support for import of new versions of Rhino, CATIA, Parasolid, and NX. Import Auto kadovskih surfaces and wires. Many small improvements in the interface. And most importantly: Inventor Fusion, an innovative tool uses a powerful blend of classic 3D simulation capabilities and CAD. Additional Information: The distribution of the only 64-bit English version. The image must be installed Daemon Tools Lite or a similar program. Treatment procedure: 1) enter any numbers in the window seryinogo number and product key from a file read.txt 2) Run the program, wait until you Licence Screen 3) Press Mem Patch 4) Ckopirovat authentication code to crack 5) Click Generate button 6) Insert the activation code in the program 7) PROPHIT! System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or higher, Intel Xeon, Intel Core, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron processor, or later 2 GB RAM or more Microsoft Direct3D 10 or Direct3D 9 compatible video card DVD-ROM No less than 1,280 x 1,024 screen resolution Connecting to the internet to download content and access subscriptions Adobe Flash Player 10 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x it is desirable to eight Microsoft Excel 2003 preferably 2010 to iFeatures, iParts, iAssemblies and spreadsheet engineering calculations Microsoft. Net Framework 4.0 Name of Program: Autodesk Inventor PRO 2012 Software version: 2012 1964-x Latest version: 2012 Language: english Treatment: Complete Type of medicine: crack DOWNLOAD:
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